How do I verify my account?

Once you've activated your page, you'll be asked to add your bank details. You will still be able to receive donations without doing this immediately, but you must verify your identity before we make any payments to you. 

How to submit your payment details

To submit your payment details, log into your JustGiving account and visit your Crowdfunding page. Click on the 'Dashboard' tab shown in the top left corner, then click on 'Add your bank details'

Please ensure the bank details you add are a UK current account, as we're unable to transfer to savings accounts or building society accounts.

We run an electronic ID check on each page owner before any of the funds are transferred. This is to verify that they’re exactly who they say they are. 

You should supply your own full name (eg. Nicola, not Nicki), your address and your date of birth

Please note that we are unable to verify bank details for someone else, you will need to enter the bank details connected to you.

Document check

If we're not able to verify your details initially, you will be given a second chance to verify.

Please make sure that all information is correct before resubmitting. This includes the address being the address that the bank account is registered at.


For more information about receiving your funds, head here.

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