MATCHmyMILES Frequently Asked Questions

1. I signed up via the MATCHmyMILES app, does that mean I have a fundraising page on JustGiving?

Yes, the app is simply a means to help you become a fundraiser on JustGiving. Not sure what your web address is? Here's how to find it

2. What does it cost to fundraise on JustGiving?

Nothing if you are the fundraiser. Find out about the fees charity's pay here

3. Do I have to hit my page target?

No, the target is optional and is set by the organizers of the race. You can increase or decrease the target at any time by editing your fundraising page. Our experience tells us that fundraiser’s with a target on their page are more likely to raise more than those without.

4. Can I set up a MATCHmyMILES fundraising page for someone else?

No. These pages are created by invite only and that invite is controlled by the race organizer.

5. How do I add donations to my page that I received offline?

See the following for details on how to add offline donations

6. Can I change the cause I’m fundraising for?

No, I’m afraid not. Once the page is set up the charity can not be changed

7. How do I make the most out of my JustGiving page?

Have a look at our fundraising page checklist to make sure you're aware of all the tools and features on your page

8. What happens to the funds I raise?

The funds will be automatically sent over to your chosen charity, there's nothing you need to do!


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