Tips for using your JustTextGiving code

If you're in the UK and you’re fundraising for a UK charity, your friends and family can donate directly to your JustGiving page by sending a text message. Here are some instructions on how to find your text code.

We've put together some tips to help you get the most from fundraising by text:

1. Tell people

Donating by text is quick and simple. Whether you bump into an old friend or get chatting on the train, tell people about your fundraising. Sharing your text code gives people no excuse not to donate.

2. Add it to your running vest

If you’re taking part in an event, make sure that your text code is proudly displayed on whatever you're wearing. Anyone who sees your epic efforts on the day will have a way of showing their support by donating to your page.

3. Have a bake sale

If there's one thing you can always trust people to part with their cash for, it’s cake. Get in touch with your inner Delia and offer up cakes to your friends, family and colleagues in exchange for a text donation.

Our very own Camille did just that. Needless to say, her home-baked treats were irresistible to everyone here at JustGiving. Very happy supporters left the office kitchen, cupcake in one hand, mobile phone in the other.


4. Spread the word at public events

Any public events going on in your local community are a great opportunity for sharing your text code. How about asking a stall at your village fete if you can decorate it with balloons and bunting showing off your text code? You could put up a home-made banner in your village hall or ask to make a half-time announcement at the local football match.

You could also think about hosting your own event. Why not throw a dinner party and ask people for donations? Make your text code a table feature by making yourself some paper placemats. You could hand out flyers at a live gig, put your text code on the tickets for a comedy night or add it to the screen for a karaoke night.

5. Contact your local media

A bit of exposure such as a few lines in your local paper or a shout out in your local radio station can really help. If they publicise your text code, it will be really easy for readers and listeners to support you. You could also contact local businesses. Pop into local shops, cafes and pubs and ask them if you can put up a poster of your text code.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to personalising your text code.

All that’s left to is promote it! If you come up with any fun an imaginative ways of promoting your JustTextGiving code at a public event, we’d love to hear them.

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