A guide to team pages

How to edit your team page 

IMPORTANT: Article relates to pages created on or before 24th September 2019. For teams pages created after this date please see this article

Once you’ve set up a team page, edit it by clicking your name in the top right hand corner and selecting 'Your Fundraising'. Click on your team under 'Teams you have started' and select 'Edit team page’. 

From here, select the relevant 'Edit' button to: 

  • Change the title of your team page 
  • Add a photo 
  • Add a logo 
  • Add a story 
  • Add a target 
  • Change the default order in which team members are listed. 

Prefer to fundraise as a group on the same page? 

If you and your team mates are fundraising for the same charity and would prefer to use the same page, create a regular fundraising page and list all of your names in the story section. Choose a web address that reflects your team name, you could also update the name in the account to reflect your team name. 

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