How can I join and invite others to a team?

IMPORTANT: Article relates to pages created on or before 24th September 2019. For teams pages created after this date please see this article

How can I join a team?

As long as you've created an individual fundraising page, you can join a team by visiting the page and clicking on the 'Join the team' button.

Select the page you want to join to the team and click 'Confirm'. If you're joining an open team, your page will be added straight away. If you’re joining a closed team, the team administrator will be notified by email that you’d like to join. 

If you haven't created your own fundraising page yet, you’ll need to set that up first. If you'd prefer to share a fundraising page that a friend has already created, just ask them to include your name in the story section of the page. 

My friends are having problems joining my team

Make sure your friends have created their own individual Fundraising Page by logging in and clicking on 'Start Fundraising'. To invite them to join your team, send them the web address of the page ( and ask them to click 'Join the team'. 

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