Content guidelines in you're fundraising for a charity

Your fundraising story is unique and amazing. We want you to be able to tell it in the best possible way. With JustGiving you can upload photos and video, post updates about your recent activity and share it all with your supporters.

As a JustGiving fundraiser you’re part of a diverse community of people who care about the world they live in, and are raising funds or showing support for things that really matter. We’ve provided some quick guidelines to ensure that everyone’s page tells their story brilliantly, and is respectful towards the wider JustGiving community.

Please do: 

-       upload images and video content that is relevant, tasteful and engaging 

-       post messages that address your supporters and keep them informed about your progress

-       share you page far and wide to reach as many supporters as possible

-       ensure that all the media you upload is your own and that you have the right to publish it

-       be considerate and respectful of others when posting any media content. Remember that what you publish on JustGiving is public and will be viewable by people of all ages and cultures

Please don’t:

-       post anything that could be interpreted as offensive, obscene, racist or defamatory

-       post media that contains nudity, pornography, or is sexually explicit

-       post violent/graphic content or images that could be considered gory

-       post any content that you do not wish to be publically viewable

We appreciate that many of the causes on JustGiving deal with subjects of a very graphic nature, and that people may want to post content to raise awareness of certain issues. We ask that everyone who shares content on JustGiving does so in a responsible manner, and is considerate towards the audience of that content.

If you come across anything on the JustGiving website that you believe does not adhere to our guidelines and terms of service, please email us at

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