Build a widget for your website or blog

What is a widget?

Widget Builder is a tool that lets you link your Page directly to your website or blog to help you reach more people and raise more money. It's a work in progress and we'll be updating and adding new features all the time. 

I'm fundraising for charity, how can I build a widget?

You can create your personalised widget here in just a few clicks. Just enter the URL of your Fundraising Page and click “Find my page”. Choose the information you'd like to be included, we'll generate the code and all you need to do is paste this into your website or blog. 

I'm Crowdfunding, where can I build mine? 

(Crowdfunding is currently only available for our users in the UK)

Just click here and enter the short ending of your Crowdfunding Page URL. For example, if the web address for your Page was you'd enter ”jon-haworth”.

Enter “small” or “large” in the layout field, leave the 'Include your story snippet' box blank, and click “Generate my code”. 


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