When do I add my bank details?

We'll ask you for your payment details once you've activated your page. Your Page will be ready to accept donations straight away, but you'll need to add your bank details before we can make a payment to you, so we know where to send the funds. Due to the 60 day time-frame, we advise that you add your bank details as soon as possible to avoid your funds from being refunded.

We make payments via BACs transfer, so we can send your funds to a UK personal current account linked to yourself as the page owner (we unfortunately cannot send the funds to a bank account that is connected to anyone else.)

To submit your payment details, please log into your JustGiving account and visit your page, click on "Back to Dashboard" tab on the left side of your page, then click on "Add your bank details" on the banner that pops up.

Not sure which bank account to use? Head here for help!

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