Personalising my page

Ready to make your Page stand out from the crowd? Let’s go: 

Edit your title, target, summary and story

From the app, click ‘Me’ and select the Page you’d like to edit. Click ‘Edit’ (to the right of ‘Share’) and fill in the title, target, summary and story fields clicking ‘Done’ when you’re finished.

Add photos

From the ‘Me’ option in the app, click onto your Page and select ‘Change’. Take a photo or choose one from your camera roll to add.                                                                                                  

Choose a page colour theme

You can choose a colour theme for your page by logging into the full version of the site on a desktop or laptop. Log in, click ‘Edit’ next to your page and select ‘Choose a page colour theme’.

Add a Video

Again, you’ll need to use the full version of the site on a pc or laptop to to do this. Log in and click ‘Edit’ and ‘Add a video’. Paste the URL of your YouTube video link - this must be the long link at the top of the page, short links won't work unfortunately. Add a caption and click ‘Save’.


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