Setting up my text code

If you’re in the UK and fundraising for a UK charity we'll automatically create a text code for you. It means that your friends and family can donate directly to your page with just a quick text.

You’ll need to log into the full version of the site on a pc or laptop do to find and change your text code:

  1. Once logged in, click ‘Edit’ alongside your active Fundraising Page.
  2. Underneath the red ‘JustTextGiving’ logo on the right hand side, select ‘Get started with your unique text code’ to find your code and instructions on how friends can donate.
  3. Your code is displayed underneath number 1, you can click ‘Personalise your code’ to change it
  4. Choose a 4 letter, 2 digit code and select ‘Save’. You’ll be told if this is already taken.

If you’d like to add your JustTextGiving code to your page, you can add it to your story from the app. Just click ‘Me’ from the main menu and select your active page and hit ‘Edit’.

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