Managing contacts who receive emails about my fundraising

How have you created my email contact list? 

JustGiving creates your contact list based on people you have donated to in the past and people who have donated to you. We also include people you may know based on your Facebook or company connections.

Can I add people to my email contact list?

No, you can’t currently add people to your contact list. However, anyone who donates to your page will be added to your contact list and will automatically start receiving your fundraising updates.

If I remove contacts, will I stop seeing emails about their fundraising activity too?

No, the contact list will only manage emails regarding your fundraising activity. It does not have any impact on the emails you receive about them.

What emails will my contact list receive?

Your contacts will currently receive five update emails. These are as follows:

  • When you start fundraising
  • When you hit 80% of your fundraising target
  • When you hit 100% of your fundraising target
  • When you have an event tomorrow
  • When you post an update on your Fundraising Page

How do these emails benefit me and my fundraising?

The emails your friends receive about your fundraising keep them updated on your progress. That means they’re more likely to spread the word about your fundraising and help you raise money for the causes you care about.

Is my email contact list the same for every Fundraising Page I have on JustGiving?

No. You’ll need to manage your contact list for each different Fundraising Page that you have on JustGiving.

By managing my contact list, will it also affect what people see on the JustGiving Feed?

No, the contact list will only impact the emails your contacts receive from us and not what is shown on the JustGiving Feed.

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