Using Crowdfunding to start a new charity

If you're part of a brand new charity or organisation, we know it can be tricky to get off the ground without having the cash to back you up. Create a Crowdfunding Page to start making an immediate impact.

You can run a Crowdfunding page for up to one year, and can withdraw the funds you've raised after 2 weeks. In the meantime, download and complete a ChA1 form from HMRC’s website, and send this back to them.

Want the funds you raise to be sent to a charity/organisation bank account?

We run an ID check on the individual responsible for setting up the page. This means the person setting up the page should enter the charity/organisation bank account details, but personal details belonging to them. The bank account should be a current account, as we are unable to pay into savings, ISAs or building society accounts.

Need more help? We've created a short guide helping new charities to get started.

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