What do we need to complete your Company Profile?

We build your Company Profile for you so it matches your needs and branding. We need the following information to set your profile up:    


1. Header content

Once expanded, this module provides a bit more information about your company and the fundraising activities you have planned. You could use this area to outline your company’s matching scheme if you have one, and tell the full story behind your company fundraising aims for the year. 

To complete this section we need:

  • Your company logo
  • A relevant picture or YouTube video
  • Some text for the ‘Why we care’ section

2. Appeal content

This section of your Company Profile is designed to give your fundraisers and donors a bit more detail about the specific fundraising you have planned.


To complete this section we need:

  • An appeal title (eg. Three Peaks Challenge)
  • An appeal picture
  • An appeal subtitle (eg. help support our charity of the year)
  • Some appeal text (a bit about the charity you’re supporting and why)
  • Optional supporting logos

3. Background

 Lastly, we just need to know what background colour or picture you’d like displayed behind your Company Profile. This can be a brand colour or a picture of your choice.

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