How to create a company event for your company fundraising profile

How do I create a company-specific event?

You can add company-specific events to your company profile to promote the different fundraising activities happening in your organisation, and to encourage participation. To create a company-specific event:

  1. Click on the yellow Admin tab in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Under the Start fundraising' module, select 'Edit'. If you are adding your first event, you can also click the 'Add event' button. 
  3. Start typing the name of your event in the search box. Pre-organised events will appear. If you find your event, click on 'Add this event'. If your event isn't listed, click 'Add it here'.
  • You can personalise the event by adding a description, the dates, an image, and the location (please refer to the respective blue boxes).  Please note that there is a 165 word limit for the description.
  • You can also manage which charities to support for the event.
  • If you are adding a new event, you can edit the title and the date of the event by clicking on the respective areas.
Can I edit a company event once it has been added?
No, you only can edit the details of an event until an individual creates a fundraising page from the event. 
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