Is company fundraising by JustGiving for us?

Do I need a company fundraising profile?

A JustGiving company fundraising profile is a place where employees’ individual fundraising pages can be linked together and showcased. These pages can be grouped into teams (for example, ‘The Wolverhampton Office’ or ‘The Finance Department’) or linked to different fundraising events.

A Company Fundraising page can help you...

  • Track and showcase the fundraising activities of lots of different employees. We’ve found that many companies find it really useful to have a central place where anyone can see all the fundraising activities happening within their organisation. This means that employees who don’t even work directly together can still raise money together.
  • Organise fundraising for different events throughout the year. Some of the companies using JustGiving organise several events throughout the year. Information about all of these events can be hosted on their Company Fundraising page, and employees can even see which events have raised the most money. This means that they can easily set up fundraising pages for each event and link them to the company profile.
  • See the total amount of money your company has raised for charity over the year, even if this is done through different events or different fundraisers. The Company Fundraising page features a handy totals module, which keeps a running total of your corporate team and employee fundraising pages.

You can view JustGiving's company page for an example, or visit our information page to learn more.  

Can any company join?

Company fundraising profiles are for companies that are organising company-wide fundraising events, involving multiple fundraisers or fundraising teams. At this time, company fundraising profiles are only available to corporate businesses.

You can still use JustGiving to fundraise though, here are your options:

  • Set up a single JustGiving fundraising page here, and ensure that you put your school or organisation’s name in the First Name and Last Name field.
  • Set up a team page for your school, club, organisation or other group. A team is made up of different fundraising pages, grouped together. Each team has a team landing page, where you can see photos and info about the team, plus links to the fundraising pages of everyone who is in the team.

If you're ready to sign up, or you're not sure if company fundraising is right for you, please send us your details and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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