Changing your company profile's background and logo

How do I customise the company profile background?

The company profle background can be customised to match your preferences. You can use a single colour,  your own image, or use one of our images.

To customise the company background:

1. Access the admin portal by clicking on the yellow admin button.

2. Under Customise background, choose an option to edit your background.

To use a single colour:

Use the colour wheel or type in a Hexidecimal code.

To use your own image:

Upload a photo by clicking on "Change image" (file format: gif, png, jpg.min dimensions: 1600px by 1200px max size: 4MB).

To use one of our images:

Click on an image to use it as your background.


Your company logo appears on the top left-hand side of your company profile. 

To add or change your logo:

1. Access the admin portal by clicking on the yellow admin button.

2. On the module where your logo appears, click on 'Edit'.

3. Click on 'Change image'.

4. Upload a saved image (file format: gif, png, jpg. Min. dimensions: 195px by 68px Max. size: 4MB). Select 'Open'.

5. If you are happy with the image, select 'Done'.

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