Adding offline donations to your company fundraising profile

How do I add donations raised offline to our company fundraising profile?

If the funds have been raised through a specific event, you can add the funds as an offline donation to the relevant fundraising page

If the funds are a general donation, or there is not a suitable fundraising page to add them to, then here's how to set up a fundraising page to reflect these donations:

  1. Go to your company fundraising profile. 
  2. Under the Start fundraising module, select 'Make your fundraising page'.
  3. Select the charity you would like to fundraise for (you may need to log in first).
  4. Choose 'Personal Challenge' as your event type.
  5. In the 'Event type' field choose 'An appeal for a charity'.
  6. Under 'Event name' you could put 'Offline donations', or whatever you prefer!
  7. Fill in the rest of the form and click 'Create your page'.

Now you have a page you can visit our guide for adding offline donations

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