Is JustGiving a secure site?

When using JustGiving, you may notice some pages have a green padlock in the web address bar, like this: 

But others don’t and they show this icon instead: 

What does this mean?

The green padlock is there to confirm that you have a secure connection with the website and JustGiving has a valid TLS/SSL certificate. This is very important when displaying pages that hold personal information. Therefore you will notice that this green padlock shows on our donation pages, and pages that show your personal details. This padlock means we are safely displaying your information.

We will always implement international standards of best practice in online and data security to make sure using JustGiving is a safe and enjoyable experience for you. Ensuring that our donation pages are secure also helps us to comply with Payment Card Industry standards.

However, this security does not need to be imposed on all of our pages, as some pages on JustGiving only show general information. By choosing not to add layers of security to these pages, it helps them to load quicker. This does not pose a security risk to our site, or to your information as one of our users.

If you are ever concerned that your information is being displayed on a page without a green padlock, please get in touch with a screenshot and we can take a look.

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