How do I share my Crowdfunding Page?

The easiest way to share your Page with friends and family is to give them the web address. For example, you could copy and paste it into an email or share it on Facebook or Twitter. They can either click on the link or enter it into their internet address bar at the top of the screen and they'll be taken straight to your Page.

Whilst you're not required to have a Facebook or Twitter account to create a JustGiving Crowdfunding Page, sharing on Facebook and Twitter is definitely the best way to attract support to your Page. If you're visiting the site from a laptop/computer, you can use the buttons shown below on your Page to share directly to your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also share your Page via email.

If you're visiting the site from a mobile device you can share your Page to contacts in your phone via WhatsApp or SMS (text message). 

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