What is SalaamGiving? 

SalaamGiving is a website which features charity campaigns to its community of Muslim donors. The donation technology on the site is powered by JustGiving so you can use your existing JustGiving account to fundraise and donate with a faith specific experience.

Can I make Zakat donations via SalaamGiving?

Yes! Zakat eligible campaigns are highlighted on the page and you can specify your donation is from Zakat money when you contribute.

Who is behind SalaamGiving?

SalaamGiving has been created to serve the Muslim charity sector around the world and is a joint venture founded and funded by Penny Appeal and JustGiving and will be overseen by an independent board of advisors.

Is SalaamGiving just for Muslims?

SalaamGiving is a Muslim-led fundraising website that unapologetically highlights causes and campaigns important to Muslim communities around the world. Nonetheless, SalaamGiving is open to people of all backgrounds. 

Can I donate to any charity on SalaamGiving?

If your charity is featured on
then you can automatically start fundraising, if they are not on JustGiving you can nominate them to join. The process for nominating a registered charity is quick and ease and can be found in our support section.

Will my donation be eligible for GiftAid (or other tax relief programmes) through SalaamGiving?

All UK registered charities will automatically benefit from GiftAid contributions if the donor confirms they are a UK taxpayer and the donation is eligible. Donors from other countries will also be eligible for country-specific tax relief programmes.

I work for a charity, how can I get my charity featured on SalaamGiving?

On you can click :join us now” to add your charity’s campaigns.

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