How can I invite others to join my Team?

There are three ways you can invite others to join your team:  

  • Invite them after creating your team using the 'invite team members' link
  • Use the 'invite team members link at the bottom of your Team Page  
  • Use the invite link from the members tab at the top of your page

You can share the team page link with others using your preferred method 

The recipient will receive a link to your page at which point they can accept to join the team and link an existing page or create a new one 

My friends are having problems joining my Team 

To invite them to join your team, send them an invite to your team [link to article above] and ask them to accept or click 'Join the team'. 

If you're still having issues, you can contact our Customer Support team to assist.

Find out how you can join a Team, here.



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