What is the ‘Secure bank transfer’ payment method?

What is the ‘Bank transfer’ payment method?

Pay with Bank transfer, powered by American Express, is a payment method that allows you to make an instant donation directly from your UK bank account, without the need for card details. Like transferring money to a friend.

How does it work?

After selecting the ‘Secure bank transfer’ button on the donation page, you will be asked to review the payment amount before continuing.


You then need to select your chosen bank account



You'll then be redirected to the bank’s web page or app, where you will go through your normal authentication method, verify the amount and approve the pre-filled transfer details. That’s it!

I'm having problems donating with ‘Bank transfer’?

If your preferred bank was not shown, please either select a different UK bank that you hold an account with, or use a different payment method. If your account information was not as expected or if you received an error message whilst making your payment, please contact your bank.

Please click here for more information. 

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