Welcome to the Ultimate Quaran-Team!



Here at JustGiving, we’re delighted to partner with the football community and have been working directly with the team at Leyton Orient FC to launch their Ultimate Quaran-Team.

We think it’s a great idea and anything that can help support nonprofits and the teams in the lower footballing pyramid is alright by us!

We’ve created this guide that we hope will help inform and support you as you game-for-good. We appreciate that this might be the first time you’ve used JustGiving or indeed streamed a game online so hopefully this will help settle any pre-match nerves!

What is the donation page address?


Ultimately you want to drive your fans and supporters to the above URL. You can also use this in any communication, tweet or stream you publish.

We have placed the fundraising page on the JustGiving homepage at www.justgiving.com but the above link is the best to go with.


Gaming Assets (Overlays, Alerts etc)

We have created the following overlays that you can embed into your OBS of choice

Donation link (the most important link to use)


Progress bar 

Donation Alert box

Donation ticker

Leaderboard of donors

Recent donations


Buttons, Widgets etc

Donate on JustGiving (small)


Donate on JustGiving (large)

Thank You Alert



Social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc





What is the hashtag?

Easy! Just use #UltimateQuaranTeam


Some Fundraising FAQS

Should any of your amazing supporters ask any questions about donating online with JustGiving hopefully these FAQS will help.

Who will receive the funds?

The Leyton Orient Trust (registered charity #1071766) are a verified and approved organization and as such, are able to receive donations via JustGiving. All donations will go directly to their bank account and will then later be dispersed to the three causes selected. Those causes are: The English Football League (EFL), MIND and WHO

Is JustGiving free to use?

JustGiving has a 0% platform fee.  When donating, your supporters have the option to add a voluntary contribution to their donation should they wish to which goes towards our operating costs. This is purely optional.

What types of payment do you accept?

People will be able to donate all around the world and can use debit and credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, G-Pay and Pay With Bank Transfer powered by American Express.

What is the minimum donation amount I can give?


Does JustGiving offer help?

Yes we have a help page for donors and fundraisers at www.justgiving.com/help

Please put Ultimate Quaran-Team in the title and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can!



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