Ukraine Crowdfunding pages

Following the tragic events in Ukraine, we know that many amazing people want to help by raising funds for those affected.

In line with our internal security protocols, the earliest a withdrawal can be made is 14 days after a page receives it's first donation, as long as security checks have been made and bank details have been added (click here for more information on adding bank details).

Due to the nature of the situation in Ukraine and the number of appeals that have been created, our internal Verification and Compliance teams have understandably put in place some additional checks, to ensure all money raised for Ukraine through JustGiving will be used for humanitarian causes only. 

With this said, you may be asked to provide additional information/documents, before you can withdraw the funds you’ve raised from your Crowdfunding page.

JustGiving is for Good, so we cannot permit campaigns:

  • Intending to raise funds for/linked to weaponry of any kind
  • That promote or seek to fund terrorism, rebel groups, militias or gangs.   
  • That include insulting or defamatory language

For more information on what we can / can't permit on Crowdfunding pages, please visit our Crowdfunding Guidelines here.

Page hints and tips:

Before you create your Crowdfunding page, please check if the cause or charity you intend to raise funds for, aren't already signed up with JustGiving. If they are, you will need to create a Charity Fundraising page, so the funds will be sent directly to the cause's / charity's bank account on a weekly basis. Click here for more information on Charity Fundraising pages, and here to find registered charities specifically helping with the Ukraine crisis.

Since funds from Crowdfunding pages are sent to individuals, it's really important that donors can see exactly how their funds will be spent.

To help with this, please make sure you clearly state the following:

  • How you're raising the funds, (e.g, you're taking part in an organised event, etc)
  • What the funds will be spent on
  • Who you will be sending the funds to, (e.g, specific charity/cause names) 
  • How you intend to distribute the funds to the recipient(s)

We also recommend you post regular updates to your page, so your donors / our internal teams can see how things are going. Click here for steps on posting updates.

We stand with you in support of Ukraine, and look forward to helping make sure the funds you raise get to where they’re most needed as soon as possible. 

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