How to make a complaint to JustGiving

Sometimes things can go wrong and when they do we want to know about it and then we want the opportunity to try to make things right (if we can and if we think we should). We welcome all feedback whether it is good or bad and we understand that there is always room for improvement.

The easiest way to give us your feedback is here . Let us know what has happened and if you can it’s always good for us to know what you would like us to do to make things right – not that we can make any promises. You can also email us at

Every person and complaint is different and we feel that some processes can sometimes get in the way of finding solutions to problems - but at the same time, we understand that sometimes a little structure helps in order to protect those who use our services and so we do have a formal complaints procedure, here it is:

  1. Let us know what your complaint is and what your ideal solution would be.
  2. Give the person who picks it up the chance to resolve it.
  3. If you are not happy with the resolution then we will arrange for it to be reviewed by a manager. This is usually done within 48 working hours.
  4. If you remain unhappy then we will ensure that another manager reviews everything to make sure that they agree with the action taken.
  5. Once JustGiving has closed the complaint, we are happy to advise you on relevant consumer and regulatory bodies for the type of complaint that may be able to support further (we do of course hope that this will not be necessary).
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