Why isn't my donation eligible for Gift Aid?

There are certain rules set by the HMRC about what donations are eligible. If any of the reasons listed below apply to your donation, we’ll not be able to claim the Gift Aid.

  • You’re a non-UK taxpayer
  • You’re donating on behalf of someone else or a group of people
  • You’re donating on behalf of a company
  • The fundraiser you’re donating to is family member or friend who’s doing an event where the charity is contributing to their costs.
  • You’re receiving goods, rights or services in return for your donation.
  • The display name on your donation is different from your donor name
  • Your address is a non-residential address

If your donation isn’t eligible, you may notice us remove the Gift Aid retrospectively. That’s because it’s really important that we stick to these rules so we can continue to claim Gift Aid quickly and efficiently on behalf of the thousands of charities on JustGiving.

If you believe your donation should still be eligible for Gift Aid according to the rules above we would need to refund the entire donation back to you you so that you can re-donate and add Gift Aid as appropriate. 

Please get in touch at help@justgiving.com for help with this refund.

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