What is the ‘Bank transfer’ payment method?

What is the ‘Bank transfer’ payment method?

Pay with Bank transfer, powered by American Express, is a payment method that allows consumers to make an instant donation directly from their UK bank account, without the need for card details.

What is the benefit to charities?

Pay with Bank transfer doesn’t require the need for card details, meaning that consumers are able to make a donation on the go, as soon as they see that notification or message from a fundraising friend or family member, even if they don’t have a card to hand.

Why do consumers like it?

Consumers like this option as it allows them to donate on the go, even when they don’t have their card to hand. It also allows them to see their bank account balance before making the donation, and prevents their card details from being shared with any third party, as the payment is handled entirely by the bank.

How does it work?

After clicking on the ‘Bank transfer’ button on the donation page, the customer will need to select which UK bank their account is held with. They will then be immediately redirected to the bank’s web page or app, where they will authenticate using their normal method, and approve the pre-filled transfer details. That’s it.

What do I do if I’m having problems donating with ‘Bank transfer’?

If your preferred bank was not shown, please either select a different UK bank that you hold an account with, or use a different payment method. If your account information was not as expected or if you received an error message whilst making your payment, please contact your bank.

Please click here for more information. 

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