Crowdfunding Costs

We believe that raising money online should be as straightforward as possible - without any unexpected fees. That's why you won't find any unexpected set-up fees here. 

Is there a platform fee?

We’re proud that we’re able to support people when they need it most. We no longer have a 5% fee on each donation, instead, we now ask donors to add a small contribution on top of their donation to help keep us running and improving. For more information on this, please click here.

The only deduction from each donation, is a card processing cost (as mentioned below) which is set by our payment processors for each transaction made through our site. 

Processing costs per donation:

It's free to sign up and create a Crowdfunding Page on JustGiving and at the end of your campaign, we'll send everything you raise to you directly, minus card-processing costs. The cost per transaction amount for donations made in GBP via debit or credit card is 2.9% plus 25p.




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