Raffles on Crowdfunding pages

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a raffle via a Crowdfunding page. We are unable to ensure that the donors will receive the prizes / services / goods mentioned, and therefore cannot be liable for any unfulfilled arrangements. There is also no option for page owners to contact their donors direct via their Crowdfunding page or via email, in order to make any arrangements for prizes etc.

This is also mentioned in our Terms of Service for Crowdfunding pages: "You must not use the Website to conduct, display or forward raffles, lotteries or contests" - this includes the sale of items, prizes, auctions or activities in exchange for donations.

You can find out more about our Crowdfunding guidelines here.

We do allow raffles on charity fundraising pages (as long as the charity is signed up with us), as this is the charity's responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate licence to facilitate this activity.

Please reach out to our Customer Support team if you need help with this. 

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