Using your Page for a raffle, bake sale, or to sell tickets

Only applicable to our UK users.

If you’re planning to ask for donations in return for goods, rights or services, donations to your Page won’t be eligible for Gift Aid. This includes if you’re running a bake sale or selling tickets to an event.

If you are setting up a raffle please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Gambling Commission's regulations around online fundraising before creating your page.

How do I create my Page for a bake sale, or to sell tickets?

Log into your account and click the orange 'Start Fundraising' button at the top of the Page. Once you've chosen your web address, be sure to tick the box to let us know you’re planning on asking for donations in return for something. This will turn the 'Gift Aid' option off for your donors. 

This box can only be ticked when setting up the Page and can't be done retrospectively. If you'd like to create a new Page ticking the box to turn off Gift Aid, drop us an email and we'll free up the Page URL for you to use again

Why are donations to my Page not eligible for Gift Aid?

These donations are not ‘freewill’ gifts as defined by HMRC. You can find more information on this here.

How can I access donors email addresses to contact them?

If you need to contact your donors afterwards, they’ll need to tick the box at the end of the donation process next to your name. This means that we can share their email address with you inside your account.

The best place to ask donors to do this is in the story section of your page. 

Take a look at our sample page in full with suggested text for more help with this



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