I'm having trouble joining a Team

If you see this message when trying to join a Team:

'Unfortunately you don't have a fundraising page that matches this team's charity cause or event'

It could be due to one of the following reasons:

1. You started creating another Team Page but haven't completed it. Unfortunately, it's not possible to join a Team if you have another that is mid-way through creation. 

First you'll need to complete your original Team. Once it's been created, simply go to the Team Page, click on settings and at the bottom where you will see the option to 'Delete team page'. 


You will be prompted "Are you sure" and you can click 'Yes, delete team'. Once deleted, you will be able to join the Team you were originally wanting to connect to.

2.  Your page may not be linked to the same organised event and/or charity that the Team Page is linked to. Some Team Pages can be linked to any charity or any event, but some are locked down to a single charity and/or single event.

If you are encountering this error and your page is linked to the right charity and event, please check to see if the Team you are trying to join is also connected to a Campaign Page, as this could cause an error also.

To fix this error you can either contact the charity and ask them to connect your page to the Campaign Page or create a new page altogether in the team joining process. If you've already started your fundraising you can add an offline amount to the new page to reflect what was on your previous page.

Guide to raising offline amount: http://just.ly/Raised-Offline

Step-by-step guide on how to set one up: A-guide-to-new-team-pages



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