How to run a gaming marathon for a charity

1. Set up your JustGiving fundraising page for the charity you want to raise funds for.

2. For PC gamers, Open Broadcaster Software is free and powerful software great for gaming! You can compose various scenes and stream to any target. You can either capture all the screen or specific game windows and include other sources such as webcam.

3. Streamnotify and AoAAGoldBot are realtime overlay services, both are integrated with JustGiving and will overlay your stream with latest events from your Fundraising page. 

4. One of the features are panels, use this area to place links to your Fundraising page, so donors can easily access your page.

5. Share links to your Fundraising page anywhere you can, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or even email!

6. Make sure to take regular breaks - long gameplay is not very easy on your body! Set an alarm to make you stand up from your game rig every couple of hours at least.



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