How does the charity get the money I've raised?

There's nothing you need to do. In the UK, we send the donations you've raised online to your chosen charity on a weekly basis (or monthly if the charity has raised less than £50 in a week).

If applicable, we also reclaim the Gift Aid on all eligible donations each week and send this extra income to the charity once we receive it from the HMRC.

In the US and Canada, donations are sent weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on where the organization is based, which payment processing method they use and how they have chosen to be paid.

All other regions outside of the UK, we make payments on a monthly basis around the 15th of the month and will include all the donations made in the previous month.
If your charity has any questions about the funds you have raised, please ask them to visit our charity support area to get in touch with our amazing charity support team - they'll be happy to help!
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