A guide to Team Pages

Our Team Pages allow you and your friends to join your individual fundraising pages together to contribute to an overall total.

They're great if you want to raise money separately whilst still contributing to a larger team goal.

The page will list everyone’s individual page, as well as the charity you’re raising money for and the collective total you’ve raised together.

Once you've finished, your team page will look a little like this:

How to create a team page 

  • Create a Fundraising page that you want connected to a team  
  • If you already have a page head to view your page to begin  
  • On your page click the link called 'create a team'  


  • Next up, you can give your team a name 
  • You'll be asked to confirm the charity you're raising money for and the event you’re participating in 
  • Provide the story behind your reason to fundraise together and add a cover photo 
  • Set the team’s fundraising target 
  • You can set targets for individual team member's by using the drop down  
  • Choose your team's web address and hit 'create a team' 

For more information on editing your team page, click here.

For more information on inviting team members, click here.

Prefer to fundraise as a group on the same page? 

If you and your team mates are fundraising for the same charity and would prefer to use the same page, create a regular Fundraising page and list all of your names in the story section. Choose a web address that reflects your team name, you could also update the name in the account to reflect your team name

Note: At this time, Crowdfunding pages cannot be linked to Fundraising Team pages, nor can these pages be merged together. Crowdfunding pages work a little differently and sit on a different platform within the JustGiving site. For more information on JustGiving Crowdfunding, click here.  

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