What can I use JustGiving Crowdfunding for?

Crowdfunding is a really great method of raising money from a large number of people, for a personal cause you care about!

Below are some campaign examples:

Personal Needs: Individuals facing financial challenges, such as unexpected medical expenses or educational costs, may turn to crowdfunding for assistance.

Startups: Entrepreneurs can use crowdfunding to launch new businesses or products. However, please bear in mind that only UK current accounts can be used to receive funds. Click here for more info.

Creative Projects: Artists, musicians, filmmakers, and writers often use crowdfunding to finance their projects such as albums, films, books, or art installations.

Charitable Causes: Nonprofit organisations and individuals can use crowdfunding to raise funds for charitable initiatives, disaster relief efforts, medical expenses, or community projects.*

Inventions and Innovation: Inventors and innovators can use crowdfunding to bring new products and technologies to market, bypassing traditional funding routes.

Events and Campaigns: Crowdfunding can also be used to finance events, campaigns, or initiatives that require financial support, such as political campaigns or community events.

While crowdfunding can be a viable option for raising funds, it’s worth noting that success is not guaranteed. Projects must clearly communicate their goals and value proposition to attract supporters, and there's no assurance of reaching the funding target - click here for hints and tips on writing an engaging story.

Additionally, supporters/donors should exercise caution and conduct due diligence before contributing to a Crowdfunding page, to ensure the legitimacy of the project or cause.

We also ask that page owners thoroughly review our Crowdfunding Guidelines, before setting up a page.

Most Crowdfunding pages go live straight away, but sometimes we need to carryout additional manual checks on the content of your page – click here for more information on this.

*Crowdfunding pages cannot be used to raise funds for one registered charity. While Crowdfunding is a popular method for fundraising, it's essential to note that a charitable organisation may already be registered on the site, so research must be carried out to see if the charity in question is signed up with us - this ensures the correct page type is created. You can check if a charity is registered by searching the charity name on the site here.

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