How do I verify my bank details?

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Once you've activated your page, you'll be asked to add bank details. You will still be able to receive donations without doing this, but to avoid your donations being refunded, it's important you add bank details as soon as possible. If details are not verified within 30 days of your first donation, your Crowdfunding page will be frozen and no donations can be made. You will then have another 30 days, otherwise donations will be automatically refunded and the page cancelled. So in total, page owners have 60 days to add bank information.

How to submit payment details

To submit payment details, log into your JustGiving account, click on your name in the top right then click the 'Fundraising' option in the drop down:


Click 'view' on the page you would like to add bank details to, then click on "Back to Dashboard" tab at the top of the page (or "Back" if you're on a mobile device).

Once you're viewing your dashboard, click on "Payment Account" on the left column.


Once you have clicked the above, you should then see an "Add your bank details" option with four tick boxes - once you have confirmed / ticked the four boxes you will then be able to add bank details.

Page owners need to submit UK current account details that are connected to them as the Page Owner, with the address that the account was registered at. However, if a you would like the funds raised sent to another individual's bank account, you would need to enter their UK current account information, including their address, full name and date of birth under the "Use a different account name" option.


Please also be aware of the following before adding bank details:

  • We're unable to transfer to savings, school, community, group or business bank accounts. We can accept building society bank accounts, but only if they are classed as a current account.
  • Electronic ID checks are carried out before any funds are transferred. This is to verify that the page owner / bank account owner is exactly who they say they are.
  • Ensure the correct full name is used (eg. Nicola, not Nicki), as well as the corresponding address and date of birth.
  • Persons under the age of 18 may create crowdfunding pages using our Website, however they cannot use their bank account on the page. A parent or legal guardian will need to enter their own UK current account details, to show consent for the page owner running the project.
  • We cannot add bank details on behalf of a page owner for security reasons.
  • If you have added bank details and your page is outside of the initial 14 days, you should have an option to make a withdrawal within your Dashboard. Click here for more information on the initial 14 days and steps on withdrawing.

Document Checks

We have a two step verification process for bank details - if the details you submit do not pass the initial automated check, you will be given two additional tries to verify.

Following this, our internal Verification Teams will need to manually verify your details by uploading documents, such as photo ID and a bank statement. These documents need to be supplied digitally to our verification team via the page Dashboard - this ensures they are reviewed as quickly as possible. 

Please make sure all information is correct before re-submitting. This includes the address being the address that the bank account is registered at.

In addition to this, further information / documentation may be required in some instances, in order to finalise all internal security checks and verify a page. 

For more information about receiving your funds, head here.


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