When will I receive the money I've raised?

You can make a withdrawal of your funds after 14 days of launching your page*. For more information about how to withdraw, click here.

If you choose not to withdraw the funds while your page is active, we'll transfer the funds raised to you automatically once your Crowdfunding page has closed (providing you have verified your payment details). 

We're not able to make any guarantees as to exactly when funds will be received, however it typically takes 4-6 working days for funds to reach your account once you've requested a withdrawal, or once your page has closed. 

 *please be aware that you may receive funds a few days later depending on bank processing times and UK Bank Holidays. 

Over the holiday season we estimate it could take up to 15 working days to receive your funds, so please bear this in mind if you need to receive a payment around this time.


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