How can I edit my Crowdfunding Page?

If you would like to make tweaks to your Crowdfunding Page, first, please make sure you have logged into the correct JustGiving account.

Once you have logged in, click on your name in the top right then click the 'Fundraising' option in the drop down:


On the next page, you should see all of the pages you have created (both charity fundraising and Crowdfunding). Click 'view' on the Crowdfunding page you would like to make edits to:


When viewing your page, you should then see 'Edit page' at the top right:


From here you can make changes to your target, name, bio, cover photo, location and story by scrolling down. Once you’re done click ‘Save and view’.

Note, if your page is currently 'Pending Approval' you can still make any necessary edits to the page via the above steps. Click here for more information on pending pages.


Trying to make a withdrawal or add bank details? 

Click here for more information on adding bank details, and here for more information on withdrawals.

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