Can I reactivate my Crowdfunding Page?

By default, you have 120 days to raise as much as you can. You can reduce the page end date to 30 days, or extend it for up to one year provided your page is still active. Click here for steps on updating your page end date.

Unfortunately, we're unable to reactivate Crowdfunding pages once they have expired, so if you'd like to continue to raise money then you'll need to create a new page.

To create a new page, visit, click 'Start fundraising' and follow the steps through.

Once you have created your new page, please let us know by clicking here, we can re-assign your old web address to any new pages so that you don't have to share a new link with friends and family.

Please note: we highly advise that you do not re-donate previously raised funds to a new Crowdfunding page, as this will mean the standard processing costs will be applied twice to the sum. Instead, we recommend posting an update to your new page, informing viewers of what was previously raised (a link to the old page can also be referenced within the update). For more information on our processing fees, please click here.

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