How can I get a refund for a donation I've made?

We can't refund donations without permission from the charity you've given to. This is because donations are automatically transferred to each charity.

Please get in touch with the charity you've donated to, and explain that you'd like a refund. 

If they're happy for us to refund the donation, they should contact our support team. Once we've received their confirmation and processed your refund, you'll receive the funds back into the account used within 5 - 10 working days. 

Please be aware that donations made over 6 months ago won't be able to be refunded through JustGiving. These will need to be refunded by the charity directly.

If you've donated to a Crowdfunding Page, it's not possible to receive a refund. This is because we transfer the money raised to the Page Owner once the 30 days is up. If you've got any questions about how the money you've donated will help, you contact them using the link on the bottom of their page. 

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