What happens if my donation is rejected?

If your donation is rejected, we haven't been able to take your payment and you've not been charged.

We'll let you know if your donation has been rejected once you've entered your details and completed your bank authentication step. We'll also send you an email explaining that you'll need to try again. 

Here are some things that might help prevent this from happening a second time:

Check your card details carefully

Make sure you've entered your 16 digit card number and expiry date correctly.

Remove any saved cards in your account

If you have any saved cards in your account, the details may have been stored wrongly somewhere along the way. Visit this article for help on removing saved cards.

Contact your card provider

If your donation is rejected a second time after trying the above, it's probably best to contact your card provider. We're never told the reason as to why a card would be declined, but they'll be able to help. 


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