Donation Boost for non-UK donors

If you’re donating to a charity outside the UK and Ireland you can top up your donation with ‘Donation Boost’.

What’s Donation Boost?

It’s a feature that enables you to cover the organization’s platform fees by adding 5% to your donation. We charge a small fee so you have a safe and easy way to give. It allows us to innovate, ensuring that anyone who comes to JustGiving can raise more than on any other platform.

By covering this cost, you’ll be helping raise more for the organization, while allowing us to keep improving, making JustGiving better for everyone.

Why Donation Boost?

We’re constantly trying to find new ways of helping charities raise more. Whether it’s creating new tools like a mobile fundraising app, or improving the way you donate with things like Donation Boost, JustGiving is committed to growing the world of giving and we’ll never stop improving.

How does it work?

  1. You donate $20.00 to your friend's fundraising page, or direct to an organization on JustGiving, and choose to add Donation Boost. This adds a 5% ($1.00) charge on top of your donation, which covers the platform fees on JustGiving.
  2. We deduct our payment processing fees on the $20 donation, along with the Donation Boost charge, and send the rest to the organization as usual.
  3. So for every $20.00 donated, the organization will receive an extra dollar.
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