Donations to a Crowdfunding Page refunded

There are a number of reasons why donations to a Crowdfunding page would be refunded.

In the majority of cases, the page owner may have requested that we cancel the page and refund all donors, as they no longer require the funds they have raised.

However, due to financial and legal regulations surrounding donations to Crowdfunding pages, we are sometimes required to refund donations from Crowdfunding pages. This can include refunds being made if the page owner has not added the bank details required for the page within a certain time-frame - click here for more information on the time-frame

Donations that are refunded will be received back into the account used within 5 - 10 working days from the date of refund.

If you've made a donation to a Crowdfunding page, and would like more information regarding your donation or the page that you donated to, then please get in touch with our Crowdfunding Support Team by filling in our help form here.

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