Fitness Totaliser on my Fundraising Page

I can’t see the totaliser on my Fundraising page?

  1. If no fitness activities have been done and preferences haven’t been set to display those fitness activities on the page, then the fitness totaliser won’t show.

  2. As the fitness totaliser only displays distance (unless it’s linked to a virtual fitness event, and then it’ll display whatever unit type the event goal is based on), then the fitness totaliser won’t show if you unselect ‘distance’ from your fitness page settings.

  3. The totaliser would only display activity shown after June 25th 2020, which is when this new feature was launched. 

I want my swimming total to appear in the fitness totaliser, as well as my Running total 

The fitness totaliser will show the total sum of fitness achieved for any activity. If Swimming is not showing in the fitness totaliser, it must be because either:

  • No swimming activity has been recorded

  • 'Swimming’ was not selected in your fitness page settings

How do I change my fitness totaliser to display my totals in miles rather than kilometers?

You can choose to display all activities in either Imperial or Metric from your fitness page settings.

I don’t want to show a total of my fitness activities

You can remove the fitness totaliser is by de-selecting ‘distance’ within fitness page settings. However, this will mean that distance will stop showing within your timeline entries too.

If you have any other issues, contact our Customer Support team.

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