Use of Your Fitness Data

You can authorise JustGiving to connect to your Strava or Fitbit account, which will allow you to post fitness activities to your fundraising pages. We will receive your public profile data and, as you select, your activities (including type and details like distance and time), activity photos, and other non-public information.

When you allow JustGiving to view data about your fitness activities , we are sent the activities that your preferences are set to share with both the public and to your fitness followers - but we give you choices on how JustGiving displays these activities: 

  • You can set your display preferences for each of your fundraising pages, so your fitness data is only shown how and where you want.
  • If you don’t want certain activities to be visible on JustGiving, you can delete individual posts on your fundraising page. You can also pause fitness activities from showing on your pages and delete particular activities from them too.
  • You can disconnect fitness from your JustGiving account, either by changing your preferences in your JustGiving account or by visiting the app setting controls in your fitness app.

You can find out more about how JustGiving uses your information in our full Privacy Policy

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