What happens if my event gets cancelled?

Your Fundraising Page will remain active and able to receive donations until its expiry date, even if your event is cancelled. If you would like to close your page early here's a guide that will help: http://just.ly/Cancel-Page

If your event is cancelled you should let those who donated to your page know what has happened and ask if any of them would like a refund. Here's how you can find a list of your donors.

Donations are automatically sent to your chosen charity on a weekly basis so we'll need the charity's permission before we can action any refunds.

Most of your supporters will be happy for the funds to still go to the charity, but if any would like a refund, please contact the charity directly and ask them to contact our Charity Support team, with the details of the donations that need to be refunded, once received we will process the refunds.


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