What is Guest Checkout?

JustGiving has optimized the checkout experience with an exciting improvement to our donation flow. For new donors, registering for a JustGiving account is now optional. This means your supporters can donate online to your cause without having to save their information in a JustGiving account. This makes the checkout more convenient and faster, which means more donations for your nonprofit

How to donate through guest checkout?

1. Once you have clicked on "donate" on your chosen page, on the second screen you will be given the option to log in or continue as guest. 


You can then continue with your donation as normal. You can also apply gift aid on your donation if applicable and will be asked to complete address information and confirm your email so that we can send you a receipt. 

You will also be asked consent for the charity to be able to contact you, if you opt not to, your donation will be anonymous in the charity's report.

Your donation after checkout?

  • During the checkout process, you will be asked to provide an email address where your receipt will be sent. Unfortunately this can only be done once. If you need donation information after the transaction has been completed, our support team could help at help@justgiving.com 
  • You can add your name to the donation which would be visible on the fundraising page, alternatively this will show as anonymous

For some more information on donations, please see this article.



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