How do I add Livestream to my Fundraising page?

What is livestream?

Livestreaming is broadcasting a live video in real time that you record yourself. Unlike pre-recorded video it isn’t edited or pre-planned, you film live to an audience.

How do I add a livestream to my fundraising page?

1. Log in or set up your fundraising page.

2. On your page click the "change cover" button on your header image, and then click "Media" and "Change cover"

3. Under the add Livestream/video section select the streaming service and then copy and paste the stream id or link to the steaming site. 


4. Click save and view your page to check it is working and you are live on screen!

If you get an error message after adding your stream you can either refresh your page and try again or log out and try again.

Once your livestream has ended, remove your id or URL and it will default to your previous profile picture.

What platforms can I use to Livestream? 

We currently support livestreaming URL links or stream id’s from YouTube, Twitch and Mixer.

What can I livestream to raise money for? 

You can livestream almost anything that will help raise money for your page; live events, performances or quizzes are just examples. You can find more ideas here 

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