How do I thank my donors?

Be assured, an automatic thank you message is sent out to donors on your behalf along with their donation receipt. This thank you message states "Thank you for supporting my Page, it means a lot to me" - if you'd like to edit this, please send us your preferred version and we'll update this for you.

If you would like to thank your donors individually, you can do this by viewing your page and clicking the blue 'Say thanks' button underneath the donation:


You can also thank your donors individually from within your 'Dashboard' under the 'Donations' tab - please be reminded that you have a 200 character message limit, if your message is over this it will not be received by the donor:



Before you thank your donors individually

Some of your supporters may have chosen not to share their email address with us when making a donation to your page through our 'guest checkout'. This means that they won't receive your thank you message, so we'd recommend posting an update on your page so no-one gets missed.

To post an update:

  • Head to your page - if you're not logged in already, click 'Login' in the top right hand corner
  • Scroll down to 'Update' and insert a 150 character update
  • Click 'Publish Update' to post the update to your page


Please be aware, this functionality is for Crowdfunding pages only, and not currently possible for charity fundraising pages.

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